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Jellyfish Lady, that is something I haven't seen before. Nice job Razzi! As for the drawing, the coloring is absolutely beautiful. It i...

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This Is Why I hate Upgrading/Updating Things...
Google Chrome decided to update. Instead of trying to stop it, I thought I'd let it do so.
Now I have the same ads come up everywhere since the update and they're even on Google Searches... WHAT THE F*CK?
THIS is an update??? :( F*ck you Google. 
P.S. On top of this I've even got pop ups (that open in new tabs) on Youtube. I seriously regret updating Chrome.
It's mysteriously stopped after about 10 minutes. :shrug: Weird.
I'm going to do virus scans and see if it's that, but if this really is how Chrome is supposed to act now, I'm going to be pretty annoyed at them.
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They are hiring you to help them. That is your job. Not to steal their property. 
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Local “academic” Dr Olivia Doll — also known as Staffordshire terrier Ollie — sits on the editorial boards of seven international medical journals and has just been asked to review a research paper on the management of tumours.
Her impressive curriculum vitae lists her current role as senior lecturer at the Subiaco College of Veterinary Science and past associate of the Shenton Park Institute for Canine Refuge Studies — which is code for her earlier life in the dog refuge.
Ollie’s owner, veteran public health expert Mike Daube, decided to test how carefully some journals scrutinised their editorial reviewers, by inventing Dr Doll and making up her credentials.
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First of all, I would like to take a moment to pray for those innocent people shot at the Orlando LGBT nightclub by one of the ISIS jackasses AKA a member of the terrorist group that OBAMA IS FUNDING AND ARMING!

Now that that is over with, venting at dumbasses once again...

Now you might be wondering, after a horrific act such as the Orlando shooting, why wouldn't I call for more gun control?  Simple: I AM JUST TOO WELL-INFORMED ON THE ISSUE.

I may be a redneck, but my argument is not simply going to be: It's a violation of the second amendment!!!  Now, according to the way the second amendment is written, I can legally own an ICBM without going through a background check and the government has no constitutional authority to say otherwise.

Like I said, that alone isn't my argument.  So let's go into why I cannot in good conscience call for more gun control.

Ever since the enemy in Orlando shot up the nightclub, these so-called liberals are calling for more fucking gun control than we already have.  One of the things the mainstream media conveniently leaves out is that said nightclub is ALREADY A GUN FREE ZONE!  How's that gun control working for ya?  Same story for Newtown, Aurora, San Bernadino, Fort Hood, Roseburg, and Paris.  Out of all the mass shootings in America since 1950, ONLY 2 have taken place outside of a gun free zone.  How about removing these ridiculous gun control measures instead?  Of course, if a Gun Control advocate made it known that guns were already restricted in these locations, it would DERAIL THEIR ENTIRE FUCKING ARGUMENT!!!  

So already, Gun Control has a pretty impressive track record.  Meanwhile, a few months back a couple ISIS militants tried to do the same thing in Garland, TX BEFORE BEING SHOT DEAD BY A MAN WITH A GUN!

What about the background check system?  Well, I might see the point behind it; there is just one thing and that is IT DOESN'T FUCKING WORK!!!  Do you stupid asses REALLY think that a felon would go to a gun store to buy a gun?  NO!!!  He'd just steal it from some poor fucker.

About those murder rates, gun control advocates often praise Australia, England, and Japan and use them as examples for their arguments.  If you want to argue all the way, don't forget about the murder rates in Honduras, Venezuela, and even Mexico.  Those people must love their strict gun control am I right?

The United States is 3rd in murders throughout the world!  But if you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C. and New Orleans, the United States is 4th from the bottom for murders.  Believe it or not, these 4 cities also have the toughest gun control laws in the United States.  -Credit to anonymous-…

Here's more pointless info.  -Credit to

What about Vermont?  One of the most pro gun areas in the US?  Crime is practically nonexistent there.  In fact, the state actually went 6 years WITHOUT ONE SINGLE GUN HOMICIDE.  -Credit to

Anyway, did you know that promoting gun control may be deemed a major insult?  If I went to Nazi Germany and told some poor Jew that gun control makes us safer, what do you think would happen?  That Jew would probably KICK MY FUCKING ASS!!!  And rightfully so.  Same could be said to those poor victims in the Soviet Union and Communist China.  All of those horrible regimes were made possible by gun control.  Yep, Gun Control is looking better and better...

Switzerland, not only has the lowest crime rate in the world, but also the most pro gun laws in the world.  You have to keep those illegal immigrants that the EU is letting in under control.  But that's a different issue.

Some minor gun control advocates are saying the government doesn't want to take away our guns, just regulate them a little.  Oh...  really?

All of these people have huge taxpayer funded armed security by the way.

Here's one more.

-Credit to various Youtubers-

Now that that's done with, back to some so-called Liberal Hypocrisy.  Statistically speaking, you are more likely to be killed with a baseball bat than with a rifle; yet I don't hear anyone calling to ban the FUCKING LITTLE LEAGUE!  "But you can kill a lot of people with a rifle!"  So what?  With 10 bucks and a quick trip to any Kroger, I COULD MAKE A FUCKING BOMB that could spew out toxic gas and kill hundreds of people at once!  So where is the call to regulate the possession of 2 liter soda bottles?  Worst part is, said bomb isn't at all difficult to build.

What about our enemies?  All I can say is, arm yourselves to the teeth brothers and sisters of America.  I feel that a lot more attacks will come soon.  Remember, these cowards do not go after heavily armed areas; only gun free zones.  Whenever they attack an armed area, this is the general tendency...

-Credit to Truth Be Known Revolution-

In the end, it's not guns, cars, knives, or even baseball bats that are the problem.  It's the Character.  You can ban all of these things as much as you'd like, but as long as the society's Character is poor, it won't make us any safer.  Just the opposite.  Think like a vicious predator.  A cheetah perhaps?  If a cheetah wanted some lunch, would it go after a sickly gazelle or a bull elephant in his prime?  More than likely the gazelle.  The elephant has the capacity to defend himself by sitting on the cheetah's face.

I believe times will be a lot more vicious in the future, and as a lifelong BIAA member, I apologize for not compiling this sooner.  Remember, arm yourselves to the teeth, stay in well lit areas, build a posse, and show these thugs no mercy!

(This journal is subject to editing)

Hey stupid?  How have you not figured out where this is from?

P.S:  With Obama handing over control of the internet to the UN this fall, I won't be at all surprised if the so called liberals shut my page down or at least delete this journal.  So if my page/this journal goes away, IT WASN'T BECAUSE I DELETED THEM!  Thank you for reading.


United States


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